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California Dreamin Truck

Bright white...what a sight!

Black and Green Semi

Let us make your black and green mean machine look clean!

Clean flatbed

Treat your flatbed to a wash that makes it look brand new

Street Sweeper

We even wash street sweepers because they can't clean themselves!

Blue day cab + hauler

Day cabs deserve to look clean like this everyday

Yellow truck + flatbed

We won't tell you how old this truck is, but after it got washed you wouldn't dare describe the color as mellow yellow

Grey Pickup

Bring in your pickup for a wash that makes it look like new

Emergency Vehicle

Even Emergency Vehicles need to look clean


Even Corvettes like Fred's Wash!

White Pickup

No problem keeping this beautiful pickup bright white!

Red, white & blue sign

We are an American-owned and operated business and proudly display red, white & blue colored signs!

Wash Bay at Fred's Wash

White surroundings and state-of-the art LED lighting ensure that Fred's Wash doesn't miss a spot on your vehicle

Wash Bay

Our indoor wash bay can accommodate 53 foot trucks inside all year 'round

Front of the Property

Don't forget to also tank up with our high quality diesel fuels--you can pick between B-11 biodiesel or ULSD #2 straight diesel

Fred's Fuel 'n Food sign

If you can spot this high rise Fred's Fuel 'n Food sign, then you are on your way to Fred's Wash

A conveniently located People Powered Truck Wash on I-57 

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